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Cantemus means “Let’s sing”! That’s the motto for work of Corinna and Clemens Bergemann, who jointly founded the children’s choir in 1999. Rehearsals held in groups divided into voice ranges / parts and classical vocal training by singing pedagogues helped the choir to achieve a high level of singing standard, which is underpinned by intensive children’s choir and project work. The ‘Chorissimo’ concert series summarises the annual spring, fall and winter projects.

Apart from teaching music, the rules of voice leading and social values such as, among others, the ability to work in a team, group responsibility, consideration, respect of others and tolerance, one key aim of the Hamburg Kinderchor Cantemus’s concept is to familiarise children and youths with international culture, different living conditions, ways of life and habits. That is why the Hamburg Kinderchor Cantemus hosts choirs and other musical groups in Hamburg every year and regularly makes trips to neighbouring and faraway countries. Since the foundation of the choir our children have already met choirs from Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy, Brazil, the USA and Japan and travelled around these countries.

The children always stay with host families: our children when they travel abroad, and the choir members who visit us in Hamburg. Such, not only do the joint concerts improve mutual cultural understanding, but the children also get to know the country and the people more closely. Friendships are built, which sometimes endure for many years beyond the visit, and often invitations are extended that don’t have anything to do with the choir work, and a personal relationship develops.

The Hamburg Kinderchor Cantemus is supported by the deutscher Musikrat [German Musical Council] (Goethe Institute Inter Nationes) and the Hamburg State Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media.

It is important for children to meet the world not only on a TV screen but to have the opportunity to develop an understanding of and interest in other countries and people through personal contacts. Nothing is more suitable to promote dialogue than music as it usually is a joint effort and the only language understood by every nation. What could be a better tool than the human voice? We warmly invite you to visit us and learn more about our work.

In the past years, the choir school has gained international recognition through its projects and today, it counts among the most active children’s choirs in North Germany.


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